The original goal was a non-shedding dog with a temperament suitable for service training to aid the handicapped. That goal was well met!

The original cross breeding program involved AKC Golden Retrievers with an AKC Poodle. Selective crossbreeding is recognized as the most advantageous way of combining the best characteristics of a particular breed with another compatible breed.

This careful crossbreeding resulted in dogs that are extremely intelligent, easily trainable, and affectionate. The doodle coat also contributes to a lower level of allergens in addition to it being low to non-shedding.

The Goldendoodle has proven to be a very intelligent and trainable family companion. Their coat, which often comes in a abundance of colors, is often longer than a Labradoodle, softer in texture and can be either straight, wavy or even have a loose curl.

Goldendoodles are truly fantastic pets and make excellent family companions!​​